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Luxury meets durability in your new concrete home.

Start your precast concrete custom home today with Houston’s #1 concrete tiny and modular home builder.

Experience the MasterCast Difference for Yourself

MasterCast homes combine the strength of precast concrete with the elegance of a modern home.


To ensure your home lasts longer than a lifetime, your exterior and interior walls will be built with precast concrete, the strongest building shell in common construction.


Utilizing in-office design and precast concrete significantly reduces the time from purchase to move-in, making your home ready several months earlier. Construction occurs simultaneously on-site and at our manufacturing facility.


Our design process ensures that you get your dream home. You will work directly with our in-office design team. As the manufacturer, we ensure any details you need are perfect before the construction materials arrive at your home site.

Our Promise

The MasterCast Promise

At MasterCast Custom Homes, our mission is to deliver unparalleled satisfaction through the fabrication of precast concrete structures that stand as a testament to the strength of our commitment. We strive for excellence by blending the robustness of our craftsmanship with the speed of our execution, ensuring timely and efficient project completion. Dedicated to service excellence, we aim to exceed expectations, building lasting foundations that resonate with the enduring qualities of strength, speed, and service.

Simplify Your Custom Home Experience

MasterCast provides exterior concrete solutions at our factory and then manages on-site trades for a streamlined experience.

We manage every aspect of the construction experience, so you don’t have to.






What We've Done


The MasterCast team works throughout Texas and Western Louisiana to bring your dream home to life with precast concrete.

Peace Of Mind

MasterCast Delivers Peace of Mind to Home Construction

MasterCast brings decades of experience to your doorstep, delivering your exact home quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Experience Speaks

Decades of Precast Concrete Manufacturing and Design Knowledge come together in every MasterCast Home.

Competent Staff

Our in-office design team and certified builders ensure a precast concrete home delivered with high quality and on time.

Deploying Technology

We pride ourselves on using equipment that provides the highest quality products and an easy design experience.

Quality Partners

It's not just high-quality concrete. We work with experienced trades to ensure every home is perfect when it is delivered to your site pad.

Best Materials

We adhere to strict quality assurance programs and quality controls to ensure we purchase the best products for you home, increasing its value.

Quality at Every Step

Every decision we make is based on having a durable and high-quality final product. Let our pros help you find the best solutions for your dream home.

Competitive Price

Precast Concrete has become a preferred construction material that is affordable. Let us show you the long-term value of a precast concrete home.

What We Do

You Dream - We Make it Real

At our company, we believe in turning your dreams into tangible realities. Our team of skilled artisans and innovative designers work tirelessly to create spaces that not only meet, but exceed your expectations. We blend cutting-edge technology with creative craftsmanship to deliver homes that are not just structures, but sanctuaries tailored to your unique vision. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, we ensure that every detail of your dream home is brought to life with precision and care. Your aspirations are our blueprint; let us build the reality you’ve always imagined.

Custom Homes

Custom Homes

Discover the unmatched durability and modern aesthetics of our custom precast concrete homes. Explore how our innovative building solutions can bring your dream home to life with unparalleled efficiency and style.

Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes

Embrace the simplicity and eco-friendliness of our bespoke tiny homes. Learn more about how our compact and efficient designs can maximize your living experience and double as a premium rental home.